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Praxis-Projekt Belgien

Psycho-education: use of drugs "To your choice"

The project "Psycho-education: use of drugs 'To your choice'" is conducted by the organization "VAD", an association for alcohol and other drug problems.

Project Details

Access path/ways of referral:

Patients of the public psychiatric hospital OPZ in Rekem, Belgium

Target Group

  • People with drug problems

  • to be able to function in groups

Objectives of the project

  • Acquire knowledge about use of drugs

  • Exchange of experiences

  • Link between psychiatric problems and drug problems

  • Circle of behaviour change

Elements of the offer

  • They partcipants are known by the organizers

  • There are 8 sessions and each session lasts approximately 1 hour

Contents of the intervention/activity

  • Circle of behaviour change

  • Product information

  • decline prevention

  • show self-help groups


  • Group discussion

  • reflection

  • motivational interviewing

Gender-specific aspects

  • No gender-specific aspects regarded

Organizational Information

Circulation/number of sites

  • The project is only situated in the OPZ Rekem.

Qualification of the staff and personell expenditure of time

  • Psychiatrics nurses. They spend 4.5 hours per day in average on the project.


  • There are costs for the material

Methodology and results of evalution

  • There is an evaluation before and after the project. The project showed results on the reduction of consumption, more knowledge.


  • none

Stepping stones/pitfall

  • There is a risk to create craving


  • none