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Praxis-Projekt Slowakei

Early Identification and Brief Intervention. Alcohol and primary health care

The project "Early Identification and Brief Intervention. Alcohol and primary health care" is the Slovakian part of the PHEPA2 (EIBI) project. It is conducted by the Ministry of Health of Katalunya, Spain.

Written information

  • Doc. PhDr. Alojz Nociar, CSc.: Slovak adaptation and translation of the Clinical Guidelines for Early Identification and Brief Intervention
  • Doc. PhDr. Alojz Nociar, CSc.: Training Manual for Early Identification and Brief Intervention. Published in 2007.

    (both translated from the English versions published in 2005)

Project Details

Target Group

  • Primary health care patients and young people aged 15 to 19, with hazardous and risky levels of drinking

Objectives of the project

  • To provide training of trainers for groups of primary health care workers, and also counsellors for youths

Elements of the offer

  • Training programme and Clinical guidelines
  • Contents of the intervention/activity
  • Offering lessons covering main topics from basic INFO, through screening instruments description (such as AUDIT or CAGE), to main methods for instigation of change, like motivational interview, etc.


  • Training of trainers

Gender-specific aspects

  • To some extent, gender-specific aspects are regarded.

Organizational Information

Circulation/number of sites

  • Eight main offices at the regional levels

Qualification of the staff and personell expenditure of time

  • Skilled trainers


  • More than 8.000 Euro (half EC, half in kind-country)

Methodology and results of evalution

  • Identification test
  • engaging the patient in treatment
  • pre-treatment motivation
  • therapeutic relationship


  • Translation and adaptation - as indicated above

Stepping stones/pitfall

  • Possible stop with primary health care because of some sort of turmoil and problems in the sector; and hopefully implementation of the programme among counsellors for youth anyhow.


  • none