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More than a beer

The project "More than a beer" is conducted as a joint project with the local council of Deventer, Ijsselland police, Bureau Halt region Ijssel Vecht and Tactus Addiction Care.

Project Details

Access path/ways of referral

Youth who commit felonies under the influence of alcohol will be brought in by the police. The police will bring the youth home, or they will be picked up by their parents. The names of the youth in question will be passed on to Bureau Halt, who will then see if the youth is appropriate for participation in the project "More than one  beer". Bureau Halt can decide at any time the youth is not suitable for this project, when there are more difficult problems involved.

Target Group

  • Youth aged between 12-16 who have committed a felony and qualify for Halt (destruction, rowdy behaviour etc.) The felony committed goes together with alcohol abuse.
  • Apart from the youth, the parents can also qualify to the target group.

Objectives of the project

  • The goal of the project  "More than just a beer"  is to bring awareness to the youth. The awareness of the risk of alcohol abuse at a young age, and therefore prevent long term problems.

Objectives youth

  • Youth knows the risks of alcohol for the health;
  • Youth knows the influence of alcohol on behaviour;
  • Youth has insight in own alcohol abuse and the effects it has on his/her behaviour;
  • Youth has insight on the connection between alcohol abuse and the committed felony.

Objectives parents

  • Parents know the objectives of "More than just a beer";
  • Parents know the risks alcohol brings on the health of their child;
  • Parents know they can help reducing alcohol abuse by means of their upbringing;
  • Parents know the possibilities in upbringing techniques in relation to alcohol abuse;
  • Parents have the intention setting boundaries to the alcohol abuse of their child.

Elements of the offer

  • Youth will attend 3 meetings of each 2 hours. These meetings will take place after school.
  • Parents will attend 1 parenting meeting. This will take about 2 hours and will take place in the evening.
  • "More than one beer" will succeed with a fast proceeding of activities. If it is proven to take too long for a group meeting to be organised, the youth will be offered an individual course. This program will consist of 2 meetings of each 2 hours.

Contents of the intervention/activity

Youth activity group version:

  • meeting 1: Introduction and Knowledge
  • meeting 2: Insight/Understanding
  • meeting 3: Posture

Youth activity individual version:

  • meeting 1: Introduction and Knowledge
  • meeting 2: Insight and Posture
  • Parenting Meeting: In the parenting meeting the parents will be informed on the course of the activities, and there will be an explanation about the project "More than one beer". Furthermore there will be given attention to knowledge of substances and possibilities in upbringing.


  • The project "More than one beer" is started from a regional alcohol-reduction policy.

Gender-specific aspects

  • none

Organizational Information

Circulation/number of sites

  • The pilot of the project "More than one beer" has started recently; in June 2007 the first course took place. The project  is being executed in a small scale. The intention will be to bring this project to more communities and local councils.

Qualification of the staff and personell expenditure of time

  • Both youth meetings and parenting meetings will be given by 2 prevention employees. These staff members should have a relevant educational HBO degree and work experience within the (youth) addiction care.


  • The costs will consist of staff costs, materials and other costs (coffee/tea) The staff costs for the project "More than just a beer" will be around 1036,-- EUR.

Methodology and results of evalution

  • The executive staff members will evaluate the project during the pilot, in which possible pitfalls will have to be solved and procedures and used methods have to be tested and, when necessary, adjusted.


  • Brochure 'More than one beer' for youth.
  • Brochure 'More than one a beer' for parents of the participating youth.

Stepping stones/pitfall

  • Tactus is dependent of Bureau Halt concerning the offering of participants for the project "More than one beer". Furthermore, the project will be successful with a quick settlement of the project. If group meetings cannot be organised on short term, youth will be offered an individual course.


  • none